Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas highlights

I must admit that the Christmas tree is still standing two weeks after Christmas. I don’t feel quite ready to let go of the Christmas season. Even today, as it sleets outside, I’m glad for the Christmas lights to lighten the gloominess.

So, in that light, I’m going to reminisce about the highlights of this Christmas for me.

1. Time with family. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, we spent the holidays with our families this year in the States—something we hadn’t done for the last three years in Indonesia.

2.The Advent book. We bought this beautiful book so that we’d have a book to read with our kids as a way to celebrate a Christ-centered Christmas. The book’s creators, Kathy and Jack Stockman very kindly gave us a discount and sent us a signed copy. I will always treasure this book, even as we go through it each year in the steamy jungles of Indonesia.

3. My baby’s first Christmas. I loved seeing 7-month-old Evan be more interested in bows and wrapping paper than his presents. I love that kid more than I can possibly express.

4. Handel’s Messiah. My generous husband took me to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform. This performance was nothing short of luxurious.

5. Cold weather. Even though the cold here in Indiana can be a bit painful at times, I enjoyed not sweating through the holidays this year.

6. Safety, good health, joy. It’s hard not to enjoy this time in my life, in which my family is healthy, happy and safe. I have no idea what future years will bring. But for now, I am thankful for the time to just sit back and enjoy how God is spoiling me with His goodness.

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