My Vision for More

What if they got it wrong? What if “simplifying” isn’t the way to happiness, or even holiness?

What if we chose to complicate our lives, looking for things that cost greatly, that consume energy, that stretch our dreams? What if in the choosing more, we become part of things that live forever? What if in the giving it all away we receive abundance?

Are you tired of being told to simplify your life away to nothing? Do you feel like your life is full of missing pieces?

Are you ready to dig deeper into things that matter, even if it means you get your hands dirty? Do you want to follow a dream that could complicate everything, and yet could bring contentment that lasts?

Join me in this vision for more complications that matter, for interruptions that give focus, and for more sacrifice that creates life.

I yearn to live for more, in this world of less, so that I can see the world change. Both inside and out.
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