Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fears, Questions, and the Reasons I Write Novels about Borneo

Confession: It’s hard to talk about my novel writing. While it’s a deeply personal and important thing in my life, I’ve struggled through tons of rejections, really bad drafts, and the fear of getting a story, setting and characters all wrong. Judi Lauren was gracious enough to let me share on her blog the latest about a novel I wrote (set in Borneo), the journey that inspired its characters and the passion that makes me keep working at it.

Here's a snippet from what I said about  my novel writing on Judi's blog. 

"Throughout these years of living in Indonesia, I’ve seen and heard about some tragic events, and some incredibly inspiring people, often in the same moment. Indonesia—this land of earthquakes and tsunamis and incredible beauty—both breaks my heart and fills it. Sometimes, though, I don’t see the good in things yet. Fiction allows me to ask the hard questions in my heart through characters’ eyes, and to see how the characters overcome things that seem impossible to overcome—things I’m not even sure if I would have the courage to overcome. I started writing this novel when I was pregnant with my first son, and right around that time a dear (young) Indonesian friend of mine suddenly died." 

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  1. I had no idea that you were writing a book. Congratulations! So exciting! Do you have an expected date for publishing?

  2. Thanks, Anna! It's "on submission" right now, which means that I don't have a publisher yet, but hoping one of the publishers my agent is submitting to will be interested.


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