About You

I know many of you. You may be on the list that makes this work on this remote island possible. I’ve sat in your homes in my country of birth. And I sit here now—on the other side of the world—grateful for your faith and generosity and friendship.

Or maybe you are where I was six or 10 years ago—starting to complicate your life with choices to give to people in far flung places to serve the One in your heart.

Some of you are friends from this country—Indonesia, that both fills and breaks my heart. You pray beautiful Arabic words in your effort to please God.

Others of you are from places I’ve never been. I wish I could sit and drink tea from your town and hear your stories.

My blog “stats” show me your country, but they don’t show me where you are. Are you a mom up at night like me, caring for young ones that give you both joy and dark eye circles? Or does something else keep you up at night—worries, fears, disappointments? Do you ache to get more out of life, but are afraid to want something that could hurt?

I might have been where you are...or not. But wherever you sit and read and whoever you are, thank you for reading and thinking and questioning and hoping.

I love hearing from you, so feel free to write a comment or drop an email at:


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