Sunday, September 23, 2012

Talking with God

This week, I’ve been talking to God about…

-Aziza, the girl with no parents, no siblings who just moved to the orphanage in town. So young—just 7—so quiet, as I showed her the MAF airplanes on our field trip to the hangar.

-Ita—the other new orphan girl, who at age 12, just started school for the first time. My heart aches, wondering what else has been missing from her childhood.

-My own sweet kids, and more patience from me to raise them with abundant love.

-My unborn child—who has already started keeping me up at night---but who lets me enjoy so many special miracles.

-My husband who loves so well, wrapping Renea in his arms after a long day of flying, making friends with his passengers even as his back aches, showing Evan what it means to be a man, knowing me well and loving me with everything.

-The thoughts that hound me in my tiredness, the ones that only go away when I send them into His hands. The worry for troubles. The accusations of my downfalls. The untrue things about my worth.

-The places in my heart where I struggle to forgive.

-My thankfulness for the ways He has met tangible needs.

-My community, its poverty, its needs, its beauty, its faces, its beliefs.

-The ideas for changing hard things around me, and my fears to do more than think, plan and hope.

About what are you talking to God this week?

photo credit, lel4nd

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