Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My "To Be" List

If you came across my day planner, you might think I was writing in code. Or maybe writing under extreme duress, a gun held to my head, in freezing temperatures, blind-folded.

The lists slant past the lined paper, the words scribbled as if I’m afraid I’ll forget the item before I have a chance to finish writing the word. Usually, while they look frantic and disorganized, they give me temporary peace. I know they are now in a place where they can’t be forgotten, instead of in my tired brain.

But recently, I used my best handwriting to create a list that has remained in my life day after day—in a good way.

No longer a “to do” list, it’s a “to be” list. I’ve needed it in a time of my life when the other lists keep growing, my life feeling too overwhelmed with each day’s tasks that may or may not actually get done.

Things like “loved, compassionate, available, patient, wise, joyful, grateful” became my daily list.

Though I sometimes wish I could simply throw away those messy “to do” lists, I can filter them through my other list. Have some paperwork to do? Do it with patience.

Need to cook a meal for a guest, or just my family? Boil, bake, slice with compassion.

Need to answer some email, but my kids are hanging onto my arm? Leave the email on the list and be available to play with the kids.

Feeling like I’ll never get it all done, never get it done right, and never be more than a list of mundane tasks? Stop doing and rest in the fact that I’m loved.

My “to be” list focused me less on tasks, more on people. Less on the temporary, more on things that last. Less on scribbles on paper, more on yearnings from my heart.

It’s a list that both inspires me and humbles me.

Will you join me in being more than the list of things we do, and more of the hope of what He could give us?


  1. Love the idea, Rebecca! I want to make my to be list right now! I like that it focuses on relationships, which is exactly what God tells us to do: love God, love others.

    Great post!
    ~Katie @

  2. I love this! I am going to start doing it. Just today I shrugged my 1st grader off because I just "had to" get this business email sent. *regret*
    Tomorrow and the rest of my days I will strive to be available, present, patient, compassionate, and more. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Rebecca,
    Beautiful little spot on the web you have here. I'm off to FB to share this post. Good write.

  4. Oh I love this! I always say countenance matters! I have shirked off my to do list for years now because I feel the striving to complete all things puts me in a place where my attitude is less than loving. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. Ladies--thanks so much for reading and for commenting! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is ready for more out of my life than just getting things done (or not done)! :)


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