Friday, October 7, 2011

Living for More

We spent last week looking at poverty, seeing those in need, opening our eyes to this World of Less. Now I long for More. I plan to spend this next week evaluating this More that continues to draw me away from the popular notion of Simplicity that often leaves me feeling small. Here is the first post of four on this subject. Email me at or leave a comment if you would like to share.

Dare I ask for more?

My daughter is crying when she’d supposed to be napping and my son’s quiet time of reading books will probably only last 10 minutes. I run around all day, cleaning up, feeding, tickling, holding, pretending and not resting, sitting, reading, writing, savoring. Do I really want to add to the list?

Dare I hope for more?

I’ve spent a lifetime seeing God as a coach—one who works me hard, but may not actually play me in the big game. One who wants me to be stronger, but doesn’t give me much slack. One who is pleased when I score a point, but who yells when I miss a layup. Do I dare wish it could be any different?

Dare I long for more?

My budget envelopes are ratty and usually empty halfway through each month, as we try to live simply and spend wisely. And I live in a place where I am considered rich, and where the needs press in around me. Do I really think I have anything more to give?

Dare I try for more?

I live confused among people who speak my second language; sweaty in endless heat; frizzy where the combination of humidity and kids pulling at my leg keep me from taming my hair. I live a mess, failing at things I try every day. Do I have what it takes to try for more?

Join me on this journey of finding more--not more tasks or more things or more burdens or more guilt or more disappointments. But you'll have to check back here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Indonesia time) to find out more.

photo credit, jenny downing

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