Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trading in My Someday Life

The black numbers press hard onto the page of my day planner. My scribbles and lists and plans swirl around the numbers that won’t be hurried.

Just one month, I tell myself as I wipe the sweat of the night’s heat in the middle of another forever-long power outage.

One month until I get to turn my passport into a smiling American customs agent. One month until I get to see my family. One month until I get a month-long break from this life I kinda chose.

Sure, I chose the exotic island on the other side of the world; the chance to make a difference; the cute faces of my kids. But I didn’t exactly choose the smells of my neighbor’s perpetual fish-drying and manure-laying; or the rolling blackouts for hours at a time; or the screaming of my kids as they fight over a balloon.

Some days, I live for the Someday Life. The trip back to the States. The out-of-diapers days that will surely happen (right)? The possibility of living in a place with clean streets and nice parks and fewer yucky smells.

Someday I will get more sleep. Someday I will get a white Christmas. Someday…

But then again… I’ve already forgotten last week’s cute things that the kids said. I watched an orphan boy snuggle with my little girl today. And I receive nearly gifts every day from special friends who have become like family.

Yes—next month with its reunions and grandparent snuggling and food-indulging and clothes-shopping will be amazing. But today’s swirling life of kids and opportunities and lessons is filled with a Now life I never want to see end.

What do you most enjoy about your Now Life?

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  1. What I enjoy most about my now life is that my college age kids still want us around and want to be around us. Such an incredible gift from the hand of God, for I know that one day in the near future they'll have families of their own and we will gladly take second place to all that God wants to do in and through those families. So I'm loving my now life of being the parents of three young adult children who still welcome us into their worlds.

  2. I enjoy Zoe's baby smiles and laughter, the warm climate, friendly people, and the slower pace of life. :)

  3. Thanks for joining in the discussion, ladies!


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