Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vision for the New Year

May I notice the good things in life even when the hard things are all I can see.

May I watch for chances to grow in the fertilized parts of my soul.

May I open my eyes to needs, search for solutions and find courage to give all I can.

May I see the times I’ve hurt others and search for their forgiveness.

May I look past the times that people hurt me to see how they are hurting.

May I seek His grace when I fail, His purpose when plans go awry, His love when life hurts.

May I experience many nights of good sleep, or at least live the sleep-deprived days rested.

May I see beauty in others, in this world, in His plan and in the mirror.

May I notice the little hearts walking around my house, be patient with them, take the time to play airplanes and dolls with them, and make the effort to treat them as the treasures they are every day.

May I appreciate the stress in my husband’s life, the burdens he carries, the needs he has, and look for ways to shoulder his life with him.

May I believe and trust and love and give and receive and open and share and tell and enjoy as I live the year He gives.

photo credit, Creativity103

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