Monday, October 19, 2009

Turning 32

I turned 32 last week, and two days before my birthday, a new Indonesian friend asked me how old I was. In my earlier days, certainly when I was a kid, I would’ve proudly said that I was almost another year older. But 32 didn’t seem like something to brag about, so I quickly told her I was 31, with no mention of the upcoming birthday.

Honestly, I don’t know where the last two years of age went. How did I get to be 30, much less 3 plus two whole years?

However, my wonderful husband, friends and family still decided to honor me for my birthday despite my advancing age. (smiley face)

First, my mom had the foresight to shop for my birthday presents in February and mail them to Indiana so we could put them in our crate that we built during our recent furlough. It was so nice to get nice gifts from the States. Other family members have said that more presents are in the mail. (Yeh!)

Then another MAF wife here baked me some yummy banana, chocolate chip bread and invited me to go to the monkey forest with our kids. Thanks, Heather! That night, all of us MAFers met for dinner and Bible study (always an enjoyment), and then they sang happy birthday to me afterwards.

My husband took Friday off (the day after my birthday) so that we could spend the day together, go on a hike (and have some really nice conversation along the way) and take me to dinner, while a sitter stayed home with Evan.

I picked a new restaurant (well, not new, just one we hadn’t been to yet) that is a Padang restaurant. Padang, Indonesia is where the most recent earthquake was. So, we tried out Padangese food—very spicy, and made early in the morning and set out on plates for the rest of the day. We were a bit nervous about eating food that was sitting out all day (no refrigeration, no heat, etc.). So, we asked the guy about the possibility of it already being spoiled. He said that if the food was spoiled, he would gladly give us our money back. Good to know. But the atmosphere was nice, and the food was really tasty. And no, thank goodness, we didn’t get sick.

Then afterwards, my MAF friends threw me a birthday party at which they gave me encouraging notes that they had written. The party was Brad’s idea, as he knows I always enjoy time with my girlfriends. I appreciate a husband who thinks ahead! And my MAF friend Beth had the idea to email some of my friends in the States to see if they wanted to write me notes to give to me at the party. What a special gift!

I have continued to get text messages, emails, and Facebook posts from other friends, giving me birthday wishes.

So, all in all, thanks to many great people, I survived my 32nd birthday, and feel very thankful for my life, despite my old age. :)


  1. Happy belated Birthday :) I think 32 is a very good age - actually, I'm not even sure I wanted to be that young again! At least only if I had the experience of my actual age which is 43 ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! I enjoy following your blog. I hope you have a great day!
    May God continue to bless and watch over you and your family!

  3. This is the way I see life:
    1-10 Playing time
    11-20 Study time
    20-30 Trial and error (searching for identity)
    30-40 Foundation has been put, young (yes), healthy & strong (yes), mature (yes), experience (yes), money (yes)
    40-50 Living in the same live but searching for nest to settle down.
    50-60 Let the body to tell what you can do and what not.
    60-the end Telling story time

    I think you are at your best time of life. Enjoy that short time!


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