Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When a child is sick...

On Monday, we found out our 1-year-old son, Evan has dengue fever. He had been sick for a few days with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea and a rash. Thankfully, since Monday, he has improved noticeably everyday. His only remaining symptoms are diarrhea and tiredness (he sleeps a lot!). We’ve continued to get his blood tested every other day. So far, the levels are still dropping, but they aren’t at a critically low level. And an American nurse told us that she thinks his levels are about to turn around for the better. It is certainly a good sign that his symptoms have improved so much. We are so thankful that we haven’t had to put him in the hospital. (I can’t imagine hooking up a 1-year-old to an IV!) He has continued to drink really well on his own, which helps his recovery.

Honestly, at this point, you’d hardly know he’s sick. He is back to his happy, friendly self. What a difference a few days (and many prayers) make!


  1. Rebecca - We are happy sweet Evan is on his way to getting better! We know God hears our prayers for our little ones. So wonderful to know God loves us as much and cares for us when we are ill physically and spiritually.
    Evan still has his sweet smile while he crinkles his little nose!

    Praying always - Dixie and Lew

  2. So sorry to hear Evan has been sick! "Dengue" always sounds pretty scary to me, but I am glad, by God's grace, he's been tolerating it so well. I'll be praying for him today...


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