Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A marriage worth celebrating

Tomorrow is my and Brad’s ninth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, we are apart—I think for the first time for an anniversary in our marriage. I’m in the States, where I’ve came to celebrate my brother’s wedding. Brad is working hard in Indonesia.

It is wedding season with my family. My younger sister got married a few weeks ago. My brother got married on Saturday. It’s fun being around newlyweds. Sometimes I think I’m still a newlywed. I feel like I’m still 22 and I enjoy my husband as much as I did during that special newlywed time.

I really lucked out with Brad. When I first married him, I felt like I knew what I wanted in a husband. But now I realize I didn’t even know to look for many of the things I now need. And yet Brad does such a great job as my husband, meeting those constantly changing needs. He cherishes me, takes care of me, is patient with me, and adores me.

I’ve always known that Brad is an amazing guy. I met him while he was still in the Army. In fact, he had just finished a six-month tour in Saudi Arabia, in a stressful job. And he was currently living in Germany, spending his off-time traveling all over Europe. Over the years, I’ve heard about his many adventures during his time in Europe and Saudi. I’ve seen his cool hobbies and talents—playing drums (he’s really good), playing the piano (he can play by ear), SCUBA diving (he got certified in the Persian Gulf), hiking (he’s hiked all over the world), being on boats (especially sail boats, which he would love to do more often someday), and of course, flying (which he does really well in a dangerous part of the world in which to fly—the jungles of Borneo).

While we both love adventure, I love how Brad recently said that his most favorite adventure has been me and his son, Evan. He is passionate about spending time with us and meeting our needs. I also love his sense of purpose, not wanting to waste time on selfish pursuits, but using his energy and time to care for others.

He is a loyal friend, doing his best to put his friends’ needs above his own. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt, is slow to judge and is quick to forgive, even if the other person continues to hurt him. I love his sense of humor, his easy-going personality and his commitment to God.

My marriage to Brad is the best thing in my life.


  1. I wish you a happy wedding anniversary (despite the fact that you are apart) :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Becca! You guys are indeed a special couple and we love you both!

  3. I hope your wedding anniversary was sweet even though you were separated. Our anniversary was June 28th and it's still awesome! Love, Rachel

  4. Hi Rebecca! Brad is equally blessed to have you! A great duo to accomplish God's work in Indonesia. We are praying for you and Evan as Brad is holding the fort in Tarakan.

    Praying always - Lew


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