Saturday, June 20, 2009

Loss of a Great Man; A Long Trip

Last Sunday, a long-time Indonesian employee of MAF died suddenly. Pak Simeon was 51 years old, and had worked for MAF for 31 years. He was the office manager and kept so many things going. He did the flight schedule, taking requests and balancing the needs of the interior people. He arranged our visas with the government. He kept track of passport requirements. The list goes on.

He was also just a kind, friendly, funny guy who was ready and willing to give advice and serve us. Right now, we are a bit lost without him.

Please pray for his wife, Helen, and their three kids, ages 13, 25 and 26, as they deal with the loss. And pray for our MAF office, that we’d be able to continue operations without too many glitches, while missing such a great man and friend.

Also, pray for my trip with Evan back to the States. I leave today for Jakarta, then on Monday morning at 6 a.m. for the States. My brother, Jon, gets married on Sunday. I’m excited to get to go. But I’m a bit nervous about the very long trip to the other side of the world with my 1-year-old son. Please pray for a healthy, happy baby; for all the details to go smoothly; and for energy for me as I make the trip. Also, pray for Brad as he remains in Indonesia, working. I’ll return to Indonesia July 12.


  1. So sad when someone dies at such an early age :( Of course, he is with the Lord now, but his family will still miss him!

    It is certainly not easy to travel with a little child - plus all the baggage. I hope you do not have to change planes during your journey!

  2. Rebecca, we'll be praying for you and Evan on your journey home for the celebration of your brother's wedding.
    Pak Simeon's family and the MAF community are in our prayers. He was a great servant of Christ and we look forward to meeting him when we get there!
    Brad will be prayed for also. The house will be too quiet for him with out the famiy there.
    Enjoy being with family again!

    Praying always - Dixie and Lew


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