Monday, March 16, 2009

Women of Faith conference

I just returned from a weekend in Kansas City—visiting my grandparents, spending time with my sisters and mom (and away from my hubby and baby), and attending a Women of Faith conference.

I had wanted to attend a Women of Faith conference for a long time after another MAF wife recommended it. So, I’d hoped to go to one during our six-month furlough in the States. I’d also hoped to be able to go one with my two sisters and mom, which I did—a great time of bonding.

I soaked up all the wonderful worship music, talks, and time away from my life as a mom. My husband stayed back in Colorado Springs with Evan—doing four days of daddy-duty. Thanks, Sweetie!

We also got to meet both Sandi Patty and Lisa Welchel (who played Blair in the Facts of Life). (See the picture above of us with Lisa.)

Besides those ladies, we heard from Patsy Clairmont, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sheila Walsh, Steve Arterburn, Marilyn Meberg, Lisa Harper, Mandisa (who was in American Idol a couple years ago), and Allison Allen.

I highly recommend this conference to all of you. It was incredibly well-done. The speakers were funny, but also real, sharing from their own heart-wrenching struggles.

I also want to thank Women of Faith for their generous gift of four free tickets to my sisters, mom and I could attend. I was expecting that the free tickets would put us in the nosebleed section. But we were right on the floor, just a few feet from where the speakers sat. We felt spoiled by their generosity!

I’m including a few quotes from my notes so you can have something to chew on this week.
  • “Circumstances may not change. But what we feel and believe about our circumstances can change.” (Arterburn)

  • “The more is known about each other and is received, the more we’re loved.” (Meberg)
  • “God hears our prayers. We assume if nothing happens that God didn’t hear our prayer. I won’t always know what He’s doing and why. I choose to live in the mystery of His sovereignty.” (Meberg)

  • We must learn to thank God for the hard things in life. (paraphrase-Meberg)

  • “God doesn’t want to lose us over some horrible thing, so He covers us with His grace.” (Arterburn)

  • “Don’t look for results from God, but relationship.” (Arterburn)

  • “(Live) a life that teaches others about God.” (Chapman)

  • “Forgiveness is God’s gift to us to help us live in a life that’s not fair.” (Walsh)

  • “God is a deliverer who can set you free.”(Walsh)

  • “God loves broken, mistake-prone women.” (Harper)
  • “The hunger we feel is meant to draw us into an intimate daily walk with Jesus.” (Welchel)


  1. I went to WOF last summer and loved it! So glad you got the chance to go!!

  2. We had so much fun that weekend!

  3. hello with God everything is possible. i want to get to know a woman of God faith

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